Feb Update: Debt 10k down

Feb was a great month to get some debt paid off! Paid off our credit card, our the smallest student loan. We used our tax return and regular snowball funds. Snowball Debt Pay-Off February Goals Pay off Credit Card 1 $5038.47 DONE! Start paying off student loans, starting with the smallest balance Loan Balance $46,258... Continue Reading →

January Update

Happy (belated) New Year.  I don’t why I thought I had already done an update for Dec/Jan I can’t remember if we met our December goal for paying off our debt.  We had to pay Gabe’s tuition (and mine) in Jan so our budget was very tight. Snowball Debt Pay-Off (Goal 1 pay off Credit... Continue Reading →

2018: Nov Update

It is now mid Dec and I thought we met our goal last month but now looking at the numbers we have somehow kept the debt about the same.  End of Nov Goal was $6580, as of today we owe $6200 which includes most of our Dec debt pay off.  That is what happens when... Continue Reading →

Met Dave Ramsey!

Before I get to my big reveal, I just need to say whoa! This month, this year has just been a roller-coaster. This month has had so many ups and downs, both personally, at work and for my family. Monday, Nov 12 I was listening to talk radio as usual after dropping off my teen.... Continue Reading →

September/October Update

Where did the months go!?  In September we were just trying to get back on track and in October we had the kids’ birthdays.  On top of life being busy, work has been busy too!  I need to refocus on school too, so I can finish and graduate.  The hardest part is getting it done.... Continue Reading →

Tidying Up

In an effort to organize my dresser drawers and closet space I decided to do some purging. I had been feeling like I had a lot of workout clothes and I could probably sell a few pieces. I had done some purging a few months back and I'm glad to see that I didn't have... Continue Reading →

$2 DIY Dollar Tree

Hi everyone, Happy Monday! In my effort to save money and get organized I have been watching Dollar Tree DIYs. I got so pumped but didn't have an idea on anything that I wanted to do. I knew I wanted a place for our coffee sweeteners but no idea exactly what I wanted.  YouTubers inspired... Continue Reading →

End of August Update

Hi everyone, So … August, end of summer…. And a total mess of our budget.  I knew it was going to be bad since we were taking a vacation. Maybe that’s what caused it all, not really planning for it to be good and just expecting it to be “bad.” We really create the life... Continue Reading →

Homemade Planner in a Binder

Happy Sunday everyone!! I hope you are having a great day. If you stumbled upon this blog, first thank you for reading! And second here’s what this blog is about. I have been blogging for sometime and then decided to revamp this blog.  I deleted my old post and started fresh with my Debt Free... Continue Reading →

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