Side Hustles

What are you side hustles?  Looking for some?

Here are few that I have been doing and some new ones I am just trying out.  Some have referral links, please click through them to help me earn some bonus points.

Swagbucks: this can be tedious but gives some cash back

Ebates: cash back on your online purchases, sign up using my link and get

MyPoints: similar to swagbucks & ebates.

Ibotta: get cash back on your groceries!! Yes please.

Gigwalk: I just did this yesterday and earned $6 for taking some photos at Sam’s Club. That’s a nice start.

Mercari: Use code VHPPBH  sell your items you’re no longer using, use my code and get $10

Selling back old textbooks: Book Scouter 

Upwork: a site to do some freelance work

Here’s a site that lists some side hustles to do SideHustleNationand Ways to Make Money

There is so many ways to make a lil extra cash but do any of these bring in any real money?  I will post in two weeks and see how much time it took to make some “extra” cash and if it was really worth it.

I also look for discounts in these popular sites: Hip2Save, Southern Savers & Retail Me Not

Do you have a side hustle not listed? What is something you do for some extra $$$

Leave a comment below!






Financial goals

We are midway through 2018 and most people have probably forgotten their goals.

  • What we’re you’re goals in Jan?
  • Are you halfway there?

I can’t even remember setting a financial goal this year. At least not one to be accomplished by the end of the year. Every month we set out budget and most months we go over our budget goals in groceries and fast food.

This month i decided to do some revamping, with me in school and Gabe beginning his OTA program I was on the fence about what to do. Should we cash flow his school (about $6k a semester)? Should we snowball all our debt (currently $11k in credit card debt, $46k in student loans & $5k in a car loan)? There is so much advice out there an each of the gurus (Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, etc.) will have you handle it differently. But ultimately you need to figure out what works best for you! Using the best advice of course. I was reading a book by Lois Frankel Nice Girls don’t get Rich and while title may imply that you need to be ‘mean’ to get rich that’s really not what it says. It says to be aggressive, set a vision and actively work on your goals.

This year has been a very transformative year for me. A year where I truly feel the universe is telling me the same thing in all aspects of my life. “You are what you think about most.” “You attract what you think.” “The law of attraction, have a vision and the universe, god, higher power who ever will make it happen.” “Everything happens for a reason.”

I could go on and on… So mid-year I decide (and get approval from the fam lol) that we are going to kick our snowball – pay off everything – into high gear instead of saving to cash flow gabe’s school. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s motivation from when I decided set the goals down in our dry erase board with -end of month goals but we are killing it. In just one week in and we have already paid down our debt to be even lower than our end of June goal (11k) we have 2 more weeks and looks like we’ll pay it down to even less.

Join me in our goal to paying off all our debt and cash flowing Gabe’s school.

What are you end of year goals? Did you set any? It’s not too late. Join me in conquering your goals!

NoSanchez Counseling Services

Norma will begin providing private pay counseling services in San Antonio and Online Counseling via Skype.

Therapy Services

Norma Reyes is a licensed professional counselor practicing an integrative approach in treating anxiety, stress and depression. She works with adults. Norma believes in treating the whole person and seeks to provide each client with a nurturing, empathic and solution focused counseling to promote happiness and positive growth.

Norma takes an integrative, holistic approach toward each client. She and her clients work together to understand symptoms, reduce anxiety, improve mood and experience more energy.  Perhaps you are seeking healing from a trauma, struggling with self-esteem, or just having a hard time in life. Norma will provide a nurturing, safe place to process your trauma, life transitions or anxiety and help you to rebuild and thrive in your life. She will help you explore how relationships, stress, sleep, food choices and self care choices contribute to symptoms.

To set an appointment email Norma at or call 210-560-1686


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