Mid July Update

July started off great! We were chugging along and them BAM life hit us.  My husband got appendicitis and now he has not been working for about a week and half.  He works part-time so this reduce our income by $300 for our July budget. Fortunately, this only affects paying off our debt rather than... Continue Reading →


Side Hustle: Couponing… kinda

Ok so maybe it’s not a side hustle but a great way to SAVE money on things you need or were going to buy full price anyway! So I use to do some couponing before and you can save A LOT of money, it does take a lot of time and patience but if you... Continue Reading →

July off to a good start

Ok, so everyone thinks that a budget means no "fun" money. Well that's a WRONG belief, having a budget means you are telling your money where it is going; instead of not knowing where it went! So, I budget myself a modest amount each month to a 'treat' usually work out clothes (my subscription to... Continue Reading →

June $ Update

Hey everyone!! I hope your June was great! I can't believe it's already going to be July. Time really flies by! Now for an update on my Side Hustles and our Financial Goals And as a reminder, my money goals started this June. I wanted to refocus on paying off debt. You can join us... Continue Reading →

Side Hustles

What are you side hustles?  Looking for some? Here are few that I have been doing and some new ones I am just trying out.  Some have referral links, please click through them to help me earn some bonus points. Swagbucks: this can be tedious but gives some cash back Ebates: cash back on your... Continue Reading →

Financial goals

We are midway through 2018 and most people have probably forgotten their goals. What we're you're goals in Jan? Are you halfway there? I can't even remember setting a financial goal this year. At least not one to be accomplished by the end of the year. Every month we set out budget and most months... Continue Reading →

NoSanchez Counseling Services

Norma will begin providing private pay counseling services in San Antonio and Online Counseling via Skype. Therapy Services Norma Reyes is a licensed professional counselor practicing an integrative approach in treating anxiety, stress and depression. She works with adults. Norma believes in treating the whole person and seeks to provide each client with a nurturing, empathic... Continue Reading →

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