Want to Help Your Kids? Save Up for Medical Expenses in Retirement — The Small Investor

Often on this blog I speak about saving and investing to gain financial independence. This is a magical state at which one can choose to continue working, stop working, or go off and do something entirely different because the return from one’s investments provides as much income as one’s job. There is a profound sense […]... Continue Reading →

Manifestation Babe – Week 1

This week I started reading the manifestation babe Book, but before I get started on that I want to back track to how I got to reading the book in the first place. So on Saturday (9/21) I remembered that I get a 'free' kindle book with my IHG (hotel rewards) every quarter or so. ... Continue Reading →

Review: Exceed Dotted Journal

I started bullet journaling 3 months ago, it feels so much longer!  I started with an Exceed dotted journal from Walmart for $8.64.  I got the 7x9 journal which is bigger than the one that is typically use but i don't like the small ones feels too tiny.  I love the whole bullet journal, brush... Continue Reading →

Bullet Journal: Gratitude Log

During my time off (for maternity leave) and late night feedings I have been reading different books on various subjects.  A book I just started is called the Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan.   Even though I just started the book, it made me think about adding a gratitude log.  I am always thankful for everything... Continue Reading →

Review: Tanmit Dual Tip Brush Pens

When I decided to start bullet journaling I saw all the hand lettering really wanted to try it out. So I went to Amazon and looked for an affordable set with good ratings. I purchased the Tanmit Dual Tip Brush Pens they were $11.99 for 36 markers.  The colors are vibrant and dry quickly. I definitely... Continue Reading →

Plan with Me: July

This is will be my second month of using a bullet journal, I am super excited to get started in July.  I started with a ocean/beach theme and really like how cohesive it is which is really different than my first month of figuring out what works.  I am looking forward to using it and... Continue Reading →

Bullet Journaling: 1 month review

I decided to give Bullet Journaling a month, it took me a while to really feel like I was getting together and June helped me see what worked for me and what didn’t.  To learn more about Bullet Journal visit the Bullet Journal Method site.  I will say that it is VERY overwhelming at first,... Continue Reading →

Debt Free Journey: June Update

Geez, if I thought May was busy, June just flew by. June felt like I didn’t get much traction and did some overspending.  Let’s hope July is better and baby G is due in Aug.  Ahhhh. Snowball Debt Pay-Off JUNE Goal Bring Loan A down to $6,165.49 (total Student Loans to $34,134.66) Whoo hoo met... Continue Reading →

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