Tidying Up

In an effort to organize my dresser drawers and closet space I decided to do some purging. I had been feeling like I had a lot of workout clothes and I could probably sell a few pieces. I had done some purging a few months back and I'm glad to see that I didn't have... Continue Reading →


$2 DIY Dollar Tree

Hi everyone, Happy Monday! In my effort to save money and get organized I have been watching Dollar Tree DIYs. I got so pumped but didn't have an idea on anything that I wanted to do. I knew I wanted a place for our coffee sweeteners but no idea exactly what I wanted.  YouTubers inspired... Continue Reading →

End of August Update

Hi everyone, So … August, end of summer…. And a total mess of our budget.  I knew it was going to be bad since we were taking a vacation. Maybe that’s what caused it all, not really planning for it to be good and just expecting it to be “bad.” We really create the life... Continue Reading →

Homemade Planner in a Binder

Happy Sunday everyone!! I hope you are having a great day. If you stumbled upon this blog, first thank you for reading! And second here’s what this blog is about. I have been blogging for sometime and then decided to revamp this blog.  I deleted my old post and started fresh with my Debt Free... Continue Reading →

End of July $ Update

Hi everyone, here’s our end of July update 😊 on my Side Hustles and our Financial Goals Side Hustles update, this month the side hustles stepped it up! Gigwalk $4 - took about 5mins per job (1 "gigs") Ibotta $2.25 - just use the app and scan your receipt, easy peasy Mercari: $0 Use code... Continue Reading →

Mid July Update

July started off great! We were chugging along and them BAM life hit us.  My husband got appendicitis and now he has not been working for about a week and half.  He works part-time so this reduce our income by $300 for our July budget. Fortunately, this only affects paying off our debt rather than... Continue Reading →

July off to a good start

Ok, so everyone thinks that a budget means no "fun" money. Well that's a WRONG belief, having a budget means you are telling your money where it is going; instead of not knowing where it went! So, I budget myself a modest amount each month to a 'treat' usually work out clothes (my subscription to... Continue Reading →

June $ Update

Hey everyone!! I hope your June was great! I can't believe it's already going to be July. Time really flies by! Now for an update on my Side Hustles and our Financial Goals And as a reminder, my money goals started this June. I wanted to refocus on paying off debt. You can join us... Continue Reading →

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